KBC Winner – Kaun banega Crorepati Winner

KBC Winner – Kaun banega Crorepati Winner

Kaun Banega crorepati is famously known as the KBC game show. KBC Winner show is hosted by the greatest celebrity of all time Amitabh Bachan whose character and heavy voice make the game sound intense. The KBC winner gets one crore if he lasts until the end of the show and answers all the questions right. The game show not only helps people to make their dreams come true but also provides entertainment as well as knowledge to the enormous fan base of Kaun Banega crorepati 2019. the first season of KBC was launched in the year 2000 and remained on aired until 2001. The tremendous success of the show inspired producers to continue enabling people to live their dreams.

Participation procedure to KBC Winner Show
To be a contestant of Kaun Banega Crorepati 2019, send a message from your number to the KBC head office; you will receive questions that need to answer correctly and within the short time duration to selected as a participant. Once you get selected, you will gain a chance to meet the legend Amitabh Bachan and win one crore rupees. During the game, several questions asked from a vast area of knowledge. The issue can be related to history, geography, Bollywood, science, and any other genre. You must have a high familiarity with general knowledge to keep going ahead in the game. In the game, four lifelines provided to reduce the stress from a participant of not winning enough money in the game.

The game has come up with 10 seasons until now, and almost every season has its winner(s). the first KBC winner to win one crore in 2000 was Harsh Vardhan nawathe. The first KBC winner of Kaun Banega Crorepati 2018 season 10 is Binita Jain. You could be the next KBC winner, the amount of 1 crore is just a simple SMS away from you.

Winning 25 lacs is based on luck now
If you are not confident enough about your ability to win the game, then you can leave it all to luck. Being a KBC lucky winner requires nothing but a bit of great success if lottery tickets excite you. The KBC game show provides you the opportunity to win the maximum amount of 25lac on KBC lottery tickets.

If you want to participate in the lucky draw and then keep recharging your phone balance, an individual will receive ticket numbers through a message from KBC helpline. At the end of the game, the names and numbers of KBC lucky winners are announced. If you think you have won a lottery, but your name is not announced, then contact Head Office number.

Precautions to take to Become KBC Winner
The lottery ticket number is a piece of sensitive information and therefore, shall not be shared with any person, even with relatives. If another person calls and uses your name and lottery number, he will be eligible to acquire the amount. In case if you receive any message asking for registration fees, do not reply. The participation in a lucky draw does not require you to get registered or pay any fee. Contact the head office of the KBC game show if you have any doubts about the message you receive. We will confirm the details of the department and let you know.

KBC head office contact number is +191 88 444 111. For any query dial, this number or send an SMS, and the team will make sure that all your questions are being answers. Now it is your chance to be a KBC Winner Player and achieve all the goals that you couldn’t before as you lacked the money for it. It is your choice to either win 1 crore by participating in question and answer session or getting a lottery number and then lay back until your luck works and make you a KBC Winner of 25 lac.

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