KBC Season 11 Winner of 7 Crore, 2019 KBC Lottery Winner- Sanoj Bihari

KBC Season 11 Winner of 7 Crore, 2019 KBC Lottery Winner- Sanoj Bihari

First KBC Lottery Winner of Season 11 in 2019

Season 11 has got its first Crorepati (Millionaire) KBC Lottery Winner for the year of 2019. This lucky person is Sanoj Raj Bihari from Bihar. Sanoj won 7 crores of rupees; he stated in an interview, he had never seen a metropolitan city before this event of KBC Game Contest. We are revealing some hidden corners of Sanoj Raj Bihari’s Life; that never seen or listened before to date.

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Promo of KBC Winner

Sony Tv has released a promo/video in which you can see that Sanoj is receiving his prize of Crores by Amitabh Bachan. The video mentions that he is thinking the best possible answer to win the Rs 7 crore. He takes the risk of 7 crores after winning Rs 1 crore successfully. Bihari seems lucky & have well-wished with him to earn 7 crores Mega Lottery Prize and will be the first to win 7-crore rupees in the history of KBC Season 11. Earlier, this record holds Aichin Narula & Sarthak Narula Brothers, who won 7 Crores prize in KBC Season 8. Narula Brothers belong to Dehli, while Sanoj from Bihar. Another Winner from Bihar was Sushil Kumar, who won INR 5 Crores in Season 5 of KBC Grand Finale.

Some Hidden Facts of Sanoj Raj’s Life

Young Assistant Commandant by his profession, Sanoj, lives with his family in Village Dhongra. His village located in Jehanabad, a major district of Bihar. Sanoj Bihari has done his Graduation from Bihar City. His father is a hard-working farmer, having a piece of land to grow Wheat and Rice. Sanoj says he had never seen a metropolitan city before moving to the big city of Mumbai to participate in KBC Event. He is so simple that he has no idea about the lifestyle of urban areas, as his whole life spent in a village. His dreams are too big to become an IAS officer, told to Amitabh, host of the KBC Show.

Question of 1 Crore Worth.

Question : The Father of whose Chief Justice of India was once chief minister of an Indian State?

Given Options :

  • Justice Ranjan Gogoi
  • Justice Deepak Mishra
  • Justice S Thakur
  • Justice Ranganath Mishra

Sanoj Answered:

Answer : Justice Ranjan Gogoi

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