KBC Head Office Number Mumbai – KBC Jio Head Office Number 2020

KBC Head Office Number Mumbai – KBC Jio Head Office Number 2020

KBC Head Office Number – Mumbai Maharashtra

Updated on: 15-April-2020

KBC Head Office Number information provided on behalf of the Official Team of KBC Show. Kaun Banega Crorepati is a live contest that offers the contestants to compete for the prize money. These contests based on various questions, which can help examine his mental capability and the method of thinking. That’s not the only thing where KBC ends up.

There exists another competition from KBC, which allows the participants to win based on their luck. A participant’s chance? Yes, his fate. It is a lottery competition, and the winners are selected by lucky draw, further information can be attained from KBC Head Office Whatsapp Number Mbai.

Now, the question that may arise in your mind is, how can I participate in these contests? The answer is straightforward. You have two options; one way is to visit KBC head office personally, or you may contact KBC Head Office New Delhi as 0019188444111.

How to Participate in KBC and Win Lottery Prizes

You can participate in the KBC lottery competition and Live contest by having the entry pass for which you have to contact KBC head office by 1st way or another. That’s up to your ease. KBC doesn’t have a single office but is widely expanded in all over India through its Head Offices, Sub-Head Offices, and Customer Care Centers.

The Corporate Head office exists in Mumbai, the 1st head office of KBC in India. KBC Head Office Address for Andheri located on our website and its toll-free number is +19188444111 if you call from anywhere or outside India.

You don’t have to worry if you are from outside of India and want to contact KBC regarding the contest or lottery competition or want to have some info. Because KBC also provides the International contestants an opportunity and ease to contact KBC at KBC phone number +19188444111and the conference ID is 2900041.

KBC Head Office Number Official Timings

The KBC Head Office Real Number can be contacted only from 07:00 am to 07:00 pm as same as that of business hours. If you want to call aside for business hours, contact KBC through 24*7 Investment Advisory Team at +19188444111. That is the same number that should be contacted for KBC Lottery Inquiries.

If you have some budget for investment, but you’re confused about where it should invest so that you may get the maximum profit, then KBC Investment Advisory Team is also a solution to your worry.

Just have them contacted, and they will guide you on how to invest the money in the KBC Lottery scheme according to your budget. You can also verify your lottery details by sending the lottery number or forwarding the received message to KBC Head Office Contact number +19188444111 (KBC WhatsApp number). 

KBC Kaun Banega Crorepati Office Locations

Now that’s all for those who may contact KBC through their phone numbers. Let’s come to those who will personally visit their Head Office or Customer Care Center. The business hours, as discussed earlier for KBC Head Office, are between 07:00 am to 07:00 pm, during which you can visit your nearest KBC Head Office or Customer Care Center as you like.

The Head Offices are established in Mumbai, Andheri, and Bandra while customer care centers exist almost in every 2nd city. International Contestants have the ease to visit Head Offices as major International Airports in these 3 cities, so they don’t have to travel much after landing off in India.

You may visit these offices for Game Show Entry Pass Reservations, Game Show participation tickets, or some information about Lottery Tickets or purchasing one. Now the most natural way of all is visiting their website  but it also has a drawback.

You might get information about the live contest or Lottery competition, but you can’t get Contest passes or Lottery Tickets. You will personally have to visit the KBC Head Office or reach them through the KBC Official Number if you want to purchase passes and tickets.

Call On these KBC Head Office Numbers for Inquiries:

KBC Head office Number Mumbai 00919081623770

KBC Official Head office Number  09918374225640 

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If you are wondering how to contact on KBC Head Office Number or whatsapp them directly, do not worry as we have listed KBC Head Office Number in given detailed KBC Section below so that you can easily dial the Official Contact Number given below, please contact required centers to check out the KBC Head Office Number.

Welcome to KBC Official Contact Center. Feel free to call us as we will use the information provided for customer service purposes. Please note that Kaun Banega Crorepati Official Winner Website values and respects your privacy and will only use it for services purposes and will not share it with third parties. Any inquiry asked regarding KBC Show 2019 would be marked to relevant inquiry officer of your interest area. You may ask different questions like people asking nowadays…

The ability to serve our KBC Customers round the clock, it has attained, has emerged the popularity Apart from the extra-ordinary brilliance and presence of mind, the permanency of its official helpline number, 00919081623770 is the other reason which attracts us. Even the aspects are unfinished. It follows industry standards in assisting users. Our Official Team is available to contact at KBC Head office Number Kolkata to call on.

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