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KBC Official Winner Website Team welcomes you for your interest in India’s Most Favorite TV Show, KBC Jio Lottery Winner Show. This Program is for legal Indians. Any Indian citizen who is over 18 years of age can participate in this Live Game Show. International Residing Indians are also encouraged to register in the contest. No matter in which country they are residing right now.

Stay Safe & Enjoy KBC in your Home

Most of the peoples are already familiar with the popular KBC Lottery Winner Series 2020. For those who are not much aware of this Jackpot winning show, lets you briefly. KBC Stands for Kaun Banega Crorepati. This Show was initially started in 2001. It was inspiration copy of British Game Show “Who Wants to be Millionaire”.

KBC Lottery Game has completed its 11 seasons with great success. In 2019, Indians enjoyed the Season 11 of Kaun Banega Crorepati Jackpot Serial.

This season ended with three mega Lottery Winners of 1 crore prizes. KBC Lottery Winners List is updated by season to season. Check the Updated Lottery Winner List at KBC Official Website. Just a little bit more wait for the release of Season 12 in 2020. Registration schedule for 2020 Season is in June.

kbc lottery winnerlist 2020 julylottery amountlottery numberwinner city  
Mr. Aadi Barhman25,00,000111***4 Bengaluru
Mrs. Sanjay Thakur25,00,000 998***Bhubaneswar
Mr. Aazam Bohra50,00,000 459*12*Guwahati
Mrs. Kanta Shri50,00,000 690***0 Indore
Ms. Raagni Kenth25,00,000 1596**** Jaipur

Cash Jeetnay ky Chances

Dear KBC Lovers, agar aap KBC Lottery mein 12.5 lac, 25 lac, 50 lac, 1 crore ya 7 crore jeetna chahty hein to season 12 mein register ho kar aap kheil sakty hein aur jeet skty hein. To tiyar rahein aur shamil hon KBC season12 mein. Jeetnay ky moqay milein gy.

Kaun Banega Crorepati show provides you opportunities to participate and win through easy general knowledge, current affair, religious aspect, armed foces information and world upto date information. You have to make entries in registration session and eventually you can win mega KBC Lottery cash prizes.

Any person believes, he/she can compete in KBC Live Show; should participate in next season. KBC Winners are not extra brilliant; they are average persons just like us. You can also become a KBC Winner quickly. Answer daily practice questions about Kaun Banega crorepati season and update your general knowledge level. KBC Official Winner also efforts to aware its users to upgrade through social media platforms. Make your efforts at your best and ready to include your name in KBC Winner List for the upcoming seasons.

Jio KBC लॉटरी विनर लाइव गेम में विन के अवसर अनगिनत हैं, आपको उन्हें तलाशने की जरूरत है। आसान सवालों का जवाब देना शुरू करें और अपने आप को अमिताभ बचन के सामने बैठना सही बनाएं। केबीसी की हॉट सीट को रोमांचक नकद राशि जीतने के लिए अधिक जुनून और साहस की आवश्यकता होती है। अपने प्रियजनों को भी जुटाएं, वे भी जीतते हैं, वे आपको फोन कॉल राउंड पर लाइव शो में सहायता कर सकते हैं। उनके साथ संपर्क में रहें और अपडेट रहें। उन्हें KBC लॉटरी के अवसरों के बारे में भी अपडेट रखें।

Important KBC Lottery Information

How to Participate in KBC Lottery Winner Game?

Nowadays many people are asking how they can join KBC lottery winner game show for the Next Season. The registration process is easy and straightforward. Recharge your JIO Sim Card, make your entries sufficient through the Sony Mobile Application, Maximum entries would increase your chances for selection. If you feel any difficulty at any step, don’t confuse, contact official staff at KBC head office number. Official team is available to guide you through the phone line and WhatsApp. Contact us at 00919081623770 for Live Call and Contact on 00918374225640 for Whatsapp Chat.

Some words about KBC Lottery Winner Program

KBC-Kaun Banega Crorepati is famous by the name of Amitabh Bachan (Big B). Sharukh Khan could not proceed the Show successfully as compared to Amitabh. One can enter in the game through the registration process; which is mentioned detailed at http://winnerlistkbc.com/ website

Check KBC Lottery Winner Page also

Many people from season 1 to recent season 11 have won real money in this Show. You must avail this chance to fulfil your dreams. No Extra effort is required to win the Jackpot; all depends on your LUCK. If you want to check the real KBC Lottery Winner List, land on the related page to have a look at the luckiest persons, you could be the next one.

KBC Official Team has introduced the facility to contact at KBC Head Office Number or Call/Whatsapp at official numbers of KBC Team. When you call or WhatsApp on Official Numbers, please mention your purpose of contact, so that the official team can assist you accordingly.

You may write at their official email address. Team KBC would guide you about Registration Session, Lottery Prize Amount Confirmation, KBC Jio Lottery Winner List checkup, Upcoming Seasons information and information against fake calls about lottery traps.

Lottery Winners should contact immediately at KBC Head Office Number through call or Whatsapp if they have won any prize in KBC Jio Lottery Show. Winners can check their name by self-help on our Website’s section of “KBC Lottery Winner List” is updated till 2019 Season.

If anyone calls you and introduce himself as the member of KBC Jio Lottery Team, Please contact on our official mentioned contact numbers. The official team would take a step against these persons. Please keep visiting our KBC Official Website and get updated about KBC next Season news and schedules.

Frequently Asked Questions about KBC
KBC (Kaun Banega Cororepati) Lottery Winner Game

What is KBC Jio Lottery?

KBC Jio (Kaun Banega Crorepati) is an academic show but different from your other daily tv shows. This Show is providing opportunities to peoples of all the walks of life to become a Crorepati by just answering some simple questions. If you want to become a Grand Lottery Winner for 2019, you have to participate in Jio 25 Lakh, 35 lakh Lottery KBC show by calling to the Jio KBC Head office Number Maharashtra, Mumbai.

Who is KBC Owner?

KBC! (Kaun Banega Crorepati) also known as KBC JIO India Lottery Winner Gameshow; is an Indian television Program based on the British TV Show ”Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

This Program is directed by Arun Shesh Kumar, Hosted by Amitabh Bachan & Shahrukh Khan. Not the property of a single person, managed by different peoples and channels.

Who can Register in KBC Winner Game?

Any legal Indian citizen 18 years of age or above as on July 01, 2020. Participants should be the great sound of health and mentally fitfully, can register in KBC Prize-winning Game Show. Not a single person can participate on behalf of another person.

Can i send more than one sms in the KBC Show?

Off course, yes; there is no restriction on the number of SMS sent to the KBC for participation/alternatively the number of registrations done through the given procedure on the website. However, only the first valid entry will mark for each mobile number registered.

When will I Know the result of KBC Registration?

If your given answer of the question was both valid and correct and you are shortlisted by the randomizer team based on the pre-defined reservation criteria. You will receive a call from KBC Official Head Office Contact Number in around five (5) working days from the date of closure of registration deadlines for that question.

KBC Program’s Full Name is Kaun Banega Crorepati. Which is a well known Indian TV game show initially based on the British Television program “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”? in this jackpot Lottery win program, people get chances to Win Cash Prizes by answering easy & simple questions. KBC lottery game was initially aired on India’s Prime TV Channel for the first three seasons from 2000 to 2007 continuously.

KBC commissioned by the Sameer Nair & his hard-working programming team. From last nine years, it has been airing on another popular tv channel; produced by Big Synergy Production Company. KBC-Kaun Banega Crorepati Lottery Winners Gameshow has become hot trending most famous watched Program in India.

Recently, in 2019; KBC Lottery Winners Contest has completed Season 11 with great success. The host is preparing for a new season to be aired on TV Channels soon, approximately end of August 2020. Celebrities from all the walks of life are expected to remain present during season 2020.

Dear KBC Lottery fans, build your trust in the life-changing event and make your life easier. Become a KBC lucky winner, and pay your debts, buy a new home, educate your kids, start a new business, establish your old one or donate to needy persons. All things are possible just because of this Great KBC Lottery Show.

Never trust on fake persons, group of cheaters who impose them as a part of KBC Lottery. Call us on our KBC Head Office Number to confirm about the activities of those persons. Real KBC Staff would politely treat your inquiries. Contact us about these calls and confirm before taking any decision. Indian govt gives you instructions to pay your tax money on your winning amount. After paying the tax amount, you are free to utilize your winning prize money where you want to spend. Stay healthy and safe in the COVID-19 situation, get updates on KBC Official Website.

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